We are an Australian-based team equipped with more than a decade of experiences in automation, coffee roasting and hospitality, empowered by Rovii Taiwan’s outstanding technical support, capable of providing innovative robotic solutions for various hospitality industries.
—— Rovii Australia

Rovii Robot Specialty Coffee

How it's made!

Let’s find out how to brew a cup of coffee with barista Rovii.

Melbourne / Australia

Store Location :
K114 / 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster VIC 3108
Level 1, Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre

Freshly Ground S.O.E.

With single origin specialty coffee

Preserve Real Craftsmanship

Simulate the behavior of a pro barista

Mobilizable and Scalable

Move with ease in only one day

Bright Future Ahead

The next retail revolution starts from now

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